SuperV 15W無線車載充電器 + 支架組/無線車充支架 SuperV 15W Wireless Car Charger + Bracket Set/Wireless Car Charger Bracket



適用尺寸:4.0-6.5寸手機 車載充電器要求:QC3.0車載充電器 Type-C輸入:5V/2A,9V/2A 包裝清單:無線充電器x1,通風孔夾x1,可調吸盤x1,type-C電線x1,用戶手冊x1 支持QC無線快速充電設備(無需配合QC充電器) 15W無線快速充電 帶有LED圓形漸變呼吸燈,使用時會亮起 放置手機後,自動鎖定夾臂將自動夾緊 輕觸按鈕以放大夾臂 內置電源,停車熄匙仍可以打開取電話 過熱,過流,過壓保護 原裝行貨,3年保養 Applicable size: 4.0-6.5 inch mobile phone Car charger requirements: QC3.0 car charger Type-C input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A Packing list: Wireless charger x1, vent clip x1, adjustable suction cup x1, type-C wire x1, user manual x1 Support QC wireless fast charging equipment (no need to cooperate with QC charger) 15W wireless fast charging With LED round gradient breathing light, it will light up when used After placing the mobile phone, the automatic locking clamp arm will automatically clamp Touch the button to enlarge the gripper arm Built-in power supply, you can still turn on and retrieve the phone when the key is turned off when the car is parked Overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage protection Original licensed goods, 3 years warranty