Infinity i22.5Max 雙自帶線 12000mAh GaN 22.5W 行動電源 白色 IN-I22-WE i22.5Max GaN 12000mAh 22.5W Powerbank with Dual Built-in Cable - White



•GaN氮化鎵晶片 極輕只有189g 極細體積 •12000mAh 極速充電 最大22.5w輸出 同時充3部機 •自帶IPHONE線支援20W快充 TypeC線支援22.5W快充 •擁有PSE安全認證(日本電氣用品安全法) •已購1100萬全球產品責任保險 •GaN gallium nitride chip is extremely light at only 189g and extremely small in size •12000mAh extremely fast charging with a maximum output of 22.5w to charge 3 devices at the same time •Comes with IPHONE cable to support 20W fast charging TypeC cable supports 22.5W fast charging •Has PSE safety certification (Nippon Electric Article Safety Act) •11 million global product liability insurance purchased

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