EGO 65W 刀鋒 Brisk Blade Pro氮化鎵摺疊充電器 EGO 65W Brisk Blade Pro GaN Charger



獨家專利插頭摺疊技術, 全球最薄最輕巧65W PD 充電器 實測24小時輸出65W不降速 1. 超微3代氮化鎵GaN 晶片 2. 最高輸出65W, 足以為iPhone,S23, Macbook , SWITH,GoPro,iPad...提供高速充電 3. 專利插頭摺疊技術, 比以往英式插頭 細小70%以上。 4. 極纖薄15MM厚度. 方便攜帶 5. 面積比信用卡 相約 6. 極驚人只有98g重量. 輕過包紙巾。 7. 8重安全保護,多國安全認證. 8. 機電署認可IEC-62368, BS1363 Exclusive patented UK plug folding technology, the world’s thinnest and lightest 65W PD charger Actual test: 65W output@ 24 hours without Speed down 1. Ultra-fine 3rd generation gallium nitride GaN wafer 2. The maximum output is 65W, which is enough to provide high-speed charging for iPhone, S23, Macbook, SWITH, GoPro, iPad... 3. Patented plug folding technology, more than 70% smaller than previous UK plugs. 4. Extremely thin 15MM thickness. Easy to carry 5. The area is larger than that of a credit card. 6. It weighs only 98g, which is amazing. It is lighter than a pack of paper towels. 7. 8-fold security protection, multi-national safety certification. 8. Electrical and Mechanical Department approved IEC-62368, BS1363

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