DIVOOM Times Gate 像素藝術信息展示時鐘桌搭




擁抱科技與想像力的融合,與 Divoom Times Gate 一起踏上穿越時空的無限旅程。 使其成為不可替代的PC桌面裝飾,提醒您社交媒體數據成就,讓像素藝術創作成為您的靈感來源。 科幻設計:Times Gate 以其時尚且充滿未來感的設計,可輕鬆搭配任何電腦桌設置。 5 IPS螢幕連動:這是首款可多人遙控的像素藝術顯示器。 只需透過wifi連接即可解鎖DIY的樂趣和互動驚喜。 Divoom APP & DIY 像素藝術:您可以隨時自訂您喜歡的任何圖案或動畫,並將其顯示在時代之門上。 它也是通往世界上最大的像素藝術線上畫廊和社區之一的門戶。 智慧數據小工具:在 Times Gate 上追蹤您的社群媒體管道表現,並慶祝您所取得的里程碑式成就。 Cyber​​ RGB 燈:擁有 1600 萬種顏色,您可以自訂動態燈光效果,讓您的桌面炫目奪目。 貼心完美的禮物:無論是個人享受或與親人分享,時代之門都能提供迷人的藝術體驗,使其成為表達創造力和追求美感愉悅的完美禮物。 Embrace the blend of technology and imagination, and embark on an infinite journey through time and space with Divoom Times Gate. Make it an irreplaceable PC desktop decor, remind you of your social media data achievements, and let pixel art creation become your source of inspiration. Sci-Fi Design: With its sleek and futuristic design, Times Gate complements any computer desk setup effortlessly. 5 IPS Screen linkage: This is the first pixel art display with multi-person remote control. Just connect it via wifi to unlock the fun of DIY and interactive surprise. Divoom APP & DIY Pixel Art: You can customize whatever pattern or animation you like anytime and display it on the Times Gate. It's also a gateway to one of the largest pixel art online gallery and community on the world. Smart Data Gadget: Track your social media channel performance on the Times Gate, and celebrate the milestones of your achievements. Cyber RGB Lights: With 16 millions colors, you can customize dynamic light effects to dazzle your desktop. Intimate & Perfect Gift: Whether for personal indulgence or sharing with loved ones, Times Gate offers a captivating artistic experience, making it the perfect gift for expressing creativity and pursuing aesthetic delight.

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擁抱科技與想像力的融合,與 Divoom Times Gate 一起踏上穿越時空的無限旅程。使其成為不可替代的PC桌面裝飾,提醒您社交媒體數據成就,讓像素藝術創作成為您的靈感源泉。

科幻設計: Times Gate 憑藉其時尚且充滿未來感的設計,可輕鬆搭配任何電腦桌設置。

5 IPS屏聯動:這是首款可多人遙控的像素藝術顯示屏。只需通過wifi連接即可解鎖DIY的樂趣和互動驚喜。

Divoom APP & DIY 像素藝術:您可以隨時定制您喜歡的任何圖案或動畫,並將其顯示在時代之門上。它也是通往世界上最大的像素藝術在線畫廊和社區之一的門戶。

智能數據小工具: 在 Times Gate 上跟踪您的社交媒體渠道表現,並慶祝您取得的里程碑式成就。

Cyber​​ RGB 燈: 擁有 1600 萬種顏色,您可以自定義動態燈光效果,讓您的桌面炫目奪目。









包含:1 x Times Gate;1 x Manual;1 x USB-C cable;1 x Giftbag


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