Cath Kidston - 日常護手霜三件套旅行裝禮盒,3 x 30 毫升Everyday Hand Cream Trio Travel Size Gift Set, 3 x 30ml



使用 Cath Kidston 護手霜對乾燥的雙手進行強化護理,該護手霜含有乳木果油、可可籽油、甘油和維生素 E 等親膚成分 速效,含有甘油,一種有效的保濕護膚成分 配方豐富,無油膩殘留。由乳木果油製成,一種來自乳木果樹堅果的天然潤膚劑 注入英國洋甘菊和令人放鬆的薰衣草的香味,這些植物以其舒緩、安寧的益處而聞名 使用正宗的 Cath Kidston 設計在英國設計。零殘忍和素食友好的配方 Intensive care for dry hands with our cath Kidston hand cream formulated with skin-loving ingredients of shea butter, cocoa seed butter, glycerin and Vitamin E Fast-acting, formulated with Glycerin, an effective moisture-loving Skincare ingredient Made with shea butter, A natural, emollient from the nut of the shea tree Infused with scents of English chamomile and relaxing lavender, plants known for their soothing, restful benefits Designed in England using authentic cath Kidston designs.

Product Details


  • 適合旅行的尺寸
  • 含有親膚成分
  • 零殘忍和素食友好。

Cath Kidston 神奇林地護手霜三件套

一個漂亮的純素友好的袖珍護手霜三重奏裝飾了林地貓頭鷹和來自我們神奇林地印花的夜間開花的花朵。豐富但完全不油膩的配方富含可可籽油和乳木果油,一種來自乳木果樹堅果的天然潤膚劑。我們的親膚配方還含有甘油、維生素 E、鼠尾草、薰衣草和洋甘菊油。

  • 英國洋甘菊和令人放鬆的薰衣草的香味注入這些奢華的護手霜,讓雙手散發出柔和的香味。這個小三人組是適合所有年齡段的迷人禮物。
  • 提示:迷你美甲款式,用手撫平後,為每根指甲多加一點。數到 30,然後按摩,用拇指輕輕推回角質層。


參觀我們充滿林地生物的奇幻森林,沉浸在罕見的夜間開花和落葉的魔咒中。迷人的熊和精緻的鹿的夢幻般的感覺吸引著想像力。混合乳木果油、鼠尾草油、薰衣草油、洋甘菊花油、維生素 E 和蘆薈。


Key Benefits

  • Travel friendly sizes
  • Formulated with skin-loving ingredients
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Cath Kidston Magical Woodland Hand Cream Trio

A pretty trio of vegan friendly, pocket hand creams decorated woodland owls and night flowering blooms from our Magical Woodland print. The rich yet not-at-all greasy formulation is enriched with cocoa seed butter and shea butter, a natural emollient from the nut of the shea tree. Our kind-to-skin formulation also contains glycerin, vitamin E, clary sage, lavender and chamomile oil.

  • Scents of English chamomile and relaxing lavender infuse these luxurious hand creams leaving hands softly scented. This little trio makes an enchanting gift for all ages.
  • TIP: Mini-mani style, after smoothing into hands add a little extra to each nail. Count to 30 then massage in, gently pushing back cuticles with a thumb.

Cath Kidston Magical Woodland

Imagine restful sleep with English chamomile notes glimpsed amongst beds of lavender.

Visit our fantastical forest filled with a cast of woodland creatures, fall under the spell of rare night flowering blooms and trailing foliage. The dream-like feel of beguiling bears and delicate deer charm the imagination. Blended with shea butter, clary sage oil, lavender oil, chamomile flower oil, vitamin E and aloe vera.

Warnings: Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Keep out of eyes. Rinse with water to remove. Stop use and ask a doctor if rash occurs. Keep out of reach of children. If the product is swallowed, seek medical help.


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