Argo 3合1 隨插即用充電器 Argo 3-in-1 plug-and-play charger




產品特點 .可旋轉Lightning頭或type C頭進行90°調整給手機充電 .超小型設計應急充電 .手錶充電器體積小巧 .輕量型,方便攜帶 .可以隨時隨地為手錶,手機充電 產品規格 輸入:5V/2A 電池容量:5000mAh Type-C/Lightning 總輸出:12W 手錶輸出:3W Features .The Lightning head or type C head can be rotated for 90° adjustment to charge mobile phones. .Ultra-compact design emergency charging .Watch charger is compact in size .Lightweight and easy to carry .Can charge watches and mobile phones anytime and anywhere product specifications Input:5V/2A Battery capacity: 5000mAh Type-C/Lightning total output: 12W Watch output: 3W

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