ANLAN 射頻肥GO機(瘦身儀) 送ANLAN啫喱80g 1支 Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine, Skin Tightening, comes with 1 bottle of ANLAN gel 80g



3段強度 深層筋膜刺激 一機可全身用,減肚,減手依家幾多脾,大脾。 特強RF 射頻 1.9mzh : 比市面上 射頻瘦身機 高出差不多1mzh 時亦有效消除肥胖紋、妊娠紋 一邊瘦身、一邊嫩滑肌膚 通過EMS微電流加速脂肪的溶解,提升身體線 配合320萬次頻率的超聲波打碎身體內頑固脂肪 , 多角度重擊肥膏 產後媽咪,肥胖人群、中年發福、易胖人群、久坐/運動量少人群都適用 3種LED光 紅光煥膚燃脂模式: 射頻(可調三擋)+EMS微電流(可調三擋)+紅光 藍光溶解脂肪模式: 超聲波(可調三擋)+震動(可調三擋)+藍光 紫光爆脂模式: 超聲波(可調三擋)+震動(可調三擋)+射頻(可調三擋)+EMS微電流(可調三擋)+紫光 3 levels of intensity deep fascia stimulation One machine can be used all over the body to reduce belly and hands. Accelerate fat dissolution and improve body lines through EMS microcurrent Combined with 3.2 million frequency ultrasonic waves, it breaks down stubborn fat in the body and hits fat cream from multiple angles. 10 minutes of use = 1 hour of sit up + 8 kilometers of brisk running = 3 hours of aerobic yoga





  1. 本儀器適用的部位:手臂、腹部、大腿、背部、腰部、臀部、小腿等容易堆積脂肪的地方。
  2. 使用本機前,應先將護理部位皮膚清潔乾淨,最好是沐浴後再使用,以免污垢隨著超聲波/射頻進入皮膚或阻止熱能的滲透。
  3. 使用時建議搭配專用的可導電的凝膠/身體霜/身體瘦身精油等。
  4. 使用手法:腰腹部可以從腰部外側往腹部以W字形滑動,肚臍周圍畫圈滑動;其它地方可以平推滑動,也可以轉圈滑動。
  5. 初次使用時,建議從低檔位開始嘗試,適應後再慢慢調節到高檔位。以個人感覺舒適並能承受為標準。
  6. 使用過程中,要不停地慢慢移動,不要過久停留在一個位置。使用過程中可能會有微刺感及溫熱感依家幾多,屬於正常現象。
  7. 建議每周做3次護理,每次護理身體同一個部位不要超過10分鐘。
  8. 瘦身完後,身體需要給能量一個釋放的過程。所以請過30分鐘再做塗抹身體乳液等其它護膚護理。如在使用過程中出現疼痛或不適,請暫停使用本產品。
  9. Instructions
  10. Applicable parts of this instrument: arms, abdomen, thighs, back, waist, buttocks, calves and other places where fat is prone to accumulate.
  11. Before using this machine, the skin of the care area should be clean first, preferably after bathing, to prevent dirt from entering the skin along with ultrasonic waves/radio frequencies or preventing the penetration of heat energy.
  12. It is recommended to use it with special conductive gel/body cream/body slimming essential oil, etc.
  13. Instructions for use: The waist and abdomen can be slid in a W shape from the outside of the waist to the abdomen, and the belly button can be slid in a circle; other places can be pushed flat or slid in a circle.
  14. When using it for the first time, it is recommended to start with a low setting and then slowly adjust to a high setting after getting used to it. Based on personal comfort and tolerance.
  15. During use, keep moving slowly and do not stay in one position for too long. There may be a slight tingling and warmth sensation during use, which is normal.
  16. It is recommended to do care three times a week, and the same part of the body should not be cared for for more than 10 minutes each time.
  17. After losing weight, the body needs a process of releasing energy. So please wait 30 minutes before applying body lotion and other skin care treatments.
  18. If pain or discomfort occurs during use, please stop using this product.